RM530N Linux driver


I’m having issues with getting the RM530N QMI drivers to be loaded correctly. I have followed the LTE/5G driver guide and applied the necessary patches (only to option.c—I don’t have qmi_wan_q.c, see below). I have been using this build of my operating system for RM500Q and everything works fine. After adding VID/PID to option.c for RM530N, I do see the AT command ports registered, but two interfaces have no driver loaded (no QMI, and so ModemManager is unable to get all supported modes of the device).

Could you please guide me on what the problem may be?

Additionally, I request to please email me the qmi_wwan_q.c source file.

qmi_wwan_q.c was sent already

For future reference, I was able to get it to work by:

  1. Updating drivers/net/usb/usb_wwan.c with the correct interface information (see mainline for examples of RM500Q).
  2. Updating drivers/usb/serial/option.c with the correct VID/PID (but no interface information) + Quectel patches from to option_probe from the latest available “Linux Driver Guide” PDF.

The mainline qmi_wwan driver works OK. Additionally, I confirmed that MBIM works well too.

I also verified that qmi_wwan_q is also functional. However, getting it to work with ModemManager requires additional patches, and I opted against it.

Tested on 5.4 and 5.15.