RM530N enabling mmWave

We are testing ENDC mmWave with the RM530N on the EVB-Kit in a
private NSA deployment.
The LTE anchor carrier is on band 41, the 5G carrier on band 258
In the EN-DC-Feature excel sheet this combination is marked yellow.

We started iperf to create significant traffic.
Tests with Smartphones proof the mmWave carrier can get connected.
But we could not get the mmWave carrier attached to the RM530N.

AT+COPS? shows:
+COPS 0,0,“555 10“, 13

AT+QENG=“servingcell” only shows the LTE-cell, but no “NR5G-NSA”-line
+QENG: “LTE”,“FDD”,234,20,3D147,212,99,1,3,3,4D5,-108,-9,-80,13,9,140,-

We using the FW-version RM530NGLAAR03A01M4G_BETA

Is there any additional AT-command necessary to activate mmWave on the modem?
We checked the v1.2 AT-manual, but couldn’t find anything,
AT+QMMWSCAN did not provide us more insights.


Dear @Richie
Yes, the band or combination with yellow background are registrable, but the functionality is still being validated.
Did you confirm if your antenna connect correctly?

we physically double-checked all the antenna connections.
when executing AT+QMMWSCAN we see output from device-ids 0 to 4 all PRESENT status
(there are two Qualcomm QTM545 modules connected to the EVB)

is there any additional we can check?

Dear @Richie
I have sent a user guide to you via Message, you can check firstly.

Dear silvia,

thanks, that is the same version of the assembly guide with got with the EVB kit.
We think we have assembled it correctly and checked everything again,
but the tests are still not showing the 5G cell.