RM521 Firmware/update/targetfiles.zip

Hello there. I’m looking to obtain the latest firmware for the RM521F-GL

I’m looking for the upgrade folder specifically for obtaining targetfiles.zip

Thank You :blush:


Please your support @AnnaLiu , @silvia , @Bean.Wang-Q @herbert.pan-Q @Alpha for our legend :mage:

Please share it with me also : 331340@stu.rcyci.edu.sa

Dear @iamromulan
What do you mean of obtaining targetfiles.zip?
The firmware package didn’t include it.
What device is your module installed on?
Which tool do you used for upgrading?

Dear @Majid_Alzahrani
Please share your current firmware.

I have seen previous posts about firmware fixes coming for the 521 but haven’t yet seen a recent update published anywhere.

Hello there, thank you for the response :slight_smile:

I’m wanting to generate a DFOTA upgrade zip, however the firmware I have (RM521FGLEAR05A02M4G_01.200.01.200.zip) does not include a “upgrade” folder it only includes an “update” folder for use with Qflash and Qfirehose.

In the “RG520N&RG52xFSeriesQuecOpenDFOTAApplication Note” document in section 2.2.1 its says “Every firmware version released by Quectel contains a targetfiles.zip (the path is upgrade\targetfiles.zip).”

The device my module is installed into is an m.2 to Ethernet/RJ45. Very similar to the Quectel development board except it only has the ethernet chipset and usb connections.
The following commands were used to use the module with said device:


Thank you for your help! :slight_smile:

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I am thinking they might not include that in the original released firmware because technically it should be the only one any of them ship with at this point and no need to update to it. I imagine when they actually released updated firmware for the 521 it would have the upgrade folder.

Just chiming in here… Saw since January talk about firmware upgrade. Anxious to get it if it’s available.