RM520NGL DFOTA Upgrade Delta Package Making Method

Good day everyone!

I want to upgrade my RM520NGLAAR01A06M4G to RM520NGLAAR01A07M4G since it offers new features that are very helpful. However, my only possible option is to to upgrade it using DFOTA and I think that it needs a DFOTA delta package or some sort. I already have the zip file of 01A07 however this doesn’t have any tools or documentations on how to get the package. Any help or recommendations will be much appreciated. Thank you!

Best regards.

Dear @Rus
Is it possible to upgrade on Windows or Linux? If yes, I can share the tools to you later.

Good day! Im sorry for the very late reply. Yes I can do it since I have a windows PC however I cannot also find any documentation or steps on how to do it using computer. Can you provide some? Thank you!

Any updates for this please? Even if the delta package is not available, just provide the drivers for windows 11 and the documentation process. Thank you!

Dear @Rus
Sorry for the late, I have sent the tool to you via Message, please check.

No problem. This is much appreciated. Thank you so much

Lastly, I would like to ask for the windows driver. I am using Windows 11. Thank you again

It would be lovely if the drivers will also be provided. I hope for any updates in regards with it. Thank you