RM520N-GL wont connect after bad firehose flash

I attempted to upgrade my RM520N-GL to RM520NGLAAR03A01M4G_01.202.01.202 and I suspect I accidentally bricked the modem. I was attempting to flash this image and then I started to get SIM MISSING errors after a few hours of connection. So I decided to try and roll back to RM520NGLAAR01A07M4G01.202.01.202 and now the modem wont connect at all. i used the following flash command QFirehose -e -f /mnt/sdb1/firmware

/mnt/sdb1/firmware is the path to the firmware files on a separate USB storage drive.

Is there a way to flash the modem with on a partition level to try and bring it back?

I am new to the Quectel modules, but I read carefully before doing any firmware upgrade.
In Qflash V6.5 document, its clearly mentioned: “The storage/loading path of the firmware package has to be a local path instead of a USB device path or a network path.” so I think you have already somehow damaged your module


The only mistake is using -e

Erase All Before Download (will Erase calibration data, careful to USE)

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@jfrog I am going to update my firmware to “RM520NGLAAR01A08M4G_01.200.01.200” which shared by @silvia and seems is the latest version. So may you please help me shall I load the “prog_firehose_lite.elf” in Qflash tool? Will tool selects the files automatically based on elf file?


I’m using QFirehose and Linux. The last time I used QFlash was a few years ago, so I can’t advise anything.

However, there is a note in the documentation:

For SCxx/ AGxx/ SGxx/ RG520N/ SG560D/ RM520N-GL, select the .elf file.

So you’re correct.

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Yes that was the mistake, now I’m looking for a solution.

See RM502Q-AE stuck in FTM mode after firmware upgrade

Yes, I need some file to repair the flash. Hopefully someone here can provide me with that