RM520N-GL TDD frame patterns support


Could you post document with TDD frame patterns support by modem?
I have tested 7D2U, 2D7U but i have issues with 3D1U. Is it posible to obtain full list?


Dear @dgel27
I will check internally and give feedback later.

Dear @dgel27
From the test on our side, it supports 3D1U, could you give us more information what the issue is?

Hi Silvia,
Thank a lot for a answer!
We are use the modems to test our 5G system, so the bugs in our code, and i just want to know what patterns supported. Is it possible to know all suppored modes? Is these settings belong to specific mbn’s? (we are disable auto mbn select)


Dear @dgel27
Here is the feedback:
It support all the sub-frame configurations because it is configured by operator, as long as base station supported, modules will support it also, and modules have to support it.