RM520N-GL QuecOpen SDK


I’m looking for a way to get Wireguard up and running on the RM520N-GL
I’ll need to compile the kernel module and compile Wireguard-tools
Is there a QuecOpen SDK and documentation available?
Looks like there is a guide for the EC25-E but I want to achieve this with the RM520.

Hi @iamromulan

Sorry, I have not transplanted this tool and have not used it completely. I think you can refer to EC25 first. The steps are similar. You may need to transplant the tool first, load its driver, and then configure it according to your actual application scenario. This may requires constant debugging.
If you also happen to meet a developer here who is debugging it.


This is the guide I was referring to: QuecOpen - WireGuard VPN Solution

Is there a download link available for the tool and documentation? I believe I’m looking for the SDX6X build environment.
I’d like to create a custom firmware for the RM520 similar to this: T1XX_RM520NGL_R01.00.04_FULL_20231107170530.tgz - Google ドライブ

It’ll be for use with RGMII adapter boards and will have a web interface, Zerotier, and Wireguard if I am able to successfully integrate them.

Hi @iamromulan

Could you write the FW version you are using, you can send at+qgmr to check.


I’m currently testing the custom firmware I mentioned.
at+qgmr responds

Before I started using it, I was using RM520NGLAAR01A08M4G_01.200.01.200


@iamromulan I am also interested in helping creating an opensource WebUI for the modem.
I have lots of experience with frontend dev, react and so on.
How is your project going? Do you have a github repo where I could collaborate?

I sent you a private message. :slight_smile: