RM520N-GL PDU Session Failure(Follow-on request indicator issue)

My RM520N module can not establish the PDU aession successfully.

I checked the core network log and F1AP logs and found the root cause.

The Follow-On Request bit in 5GS registration type is 0, AMF sends UE Context Release command to RAN to release N1 NAS signaling connection.

My question is:

  1. How can I set the UE’s Follow-on request indicator to 1 in the REGISTRATION REQUEST message?
  2. How to enable IMS service?

version: RM520NGLAAR01A06M4G_01.200.01.200

Dear @ironman
Could you confirm if APN is correct? And did you configure IP type?

Dear Silvia,

I’m sure my APN: internet and PDU Type: IP match the core network settings.
I wonder if the problem is with “Follow-On Request bit in 5GS registration type is 0”?

My problem is very similar to this one: UEContextReleaseCommand is being sent from free5gc - #2 by free5GC - Q/A - free5GC

Hello @ironman,

Do you have any updates about the Follow-On Request issue?