RM520N-GL - PCIe to Ethernet... (and DHCP!)

Hi, I’m using RM520N-GL in the following Chinese module, from AliExpress…


As well as allowing a USB connection to (eg) a laptop, this includes a 2.5GBits/s ethernet connection, and providing the RM520N-GL is setup correctly, connects to internet with minimal setup. The AT commands to enable this (from the vendor) are as below:

1, set USB mode:
2, set to PCIE mode:
3, set PCIE to RC mode:
4, set the PHY model:
5, set the dial mode:

ALSO - they say the USB3.0 port and the RJ45 port can not work at the same time.
To switch to USB port:

What I would like to know is:

a) I have the AT command manual for the RM520N-GL but some of these AT commands above are not listed…
b) The RM520N-GL appears to be acting like a DCHP server - but I can’t find out how to modify this
c) Any further comments would be greatly appreciated!


Dear @radiomean
Please point out which AT commands didn’t list in your document, I will check.
Actullay, I didn’t get your point, what did you want to modify?

Hi Silvia,

Thanks for your reply…
I think the new AT command manual gives me all the data I need!

Much appreciated…

Actually, I can’t find information on the AT+QETH command?

Please can you supply that?

Any updates to this?

This looks like a really interesting project.

i have the same issue here. USB worked but RJ45 does not. My RJ45’s led never light on regardless of mode? Does your RJ45’s led light up? i do not know if my unit is bad or what.

Now my RM520N-GL stuck at AT+QMAPWAC=1 and cannot change back to ‘0’