RM520N-GL linux drivers - Request

Where can I download linux drivers for RM520N-GL x86-64 kernel 5.4.158 (openwrt). Thank you

What particular drivers are you looking for and what’s wrong with the standard drivers?

lsusb show the device but it is not detected on luci. (webui). What kind of drivers are there?

You need to install some packages for your modem to work, please refer to OpenWrt documentation and ask in their forum if necessary.

You need to install a protocol to work with the modem. For me I installed these packages: kmod-usb-net-qmi-wwan and luci-proto qmi and uqmi. You find them at system>>software. You may need to reboot your openwrt router after installing these packages. Also make sure the modem is attached to the router before restarting it.

After that just make a new interface and choose qmi cellular as the protocol from the drop down menu.