RM520N-GL Firmware, etc

Can you provide the latest firmware for this device (RM520N-GL), and the quectel windows drivers? Thx!

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That windows driver does not work. Windows recognized the RM520N but still says no driver. Is there another driver package that will work? Windows 10 Pro if that makes a difference

The firmware link is not working for me… can you please provide a new link? Thanks.

You should be able to click on the zip file link and automatically download. If that doesn’t work, then you probably have firewall / antivirus software blocking the download.

Thanks @fuscdent, but it is not a firewall issue. I can download the driver, but not the FW…

Evidently that link is corrupted. Just tried it myself and did the same thing. I have the zip file but it won’t allow me to upload it (greater than 40mb) :frowning:

Thanks for trying! @herbert.pan-Q: can you please provide another link?

Of course, I will email it to you right away. Hold on

Many thanks. I saw the email.

Would you please send me a link to download the firmware for this modem? Thank you!

Of course. I emailed it to you

Thank you very much, i appreciate it.

Can you re-supply the Windows drivers and firmware for the RM520N-GL? The existing link appears to be dead

It has been sent by email, please check

Can you re-send me the firmware of rm520n-gl? It’s better to come with a firmware flashing tool and at manual, thank you very much, I desperately need it, the mailbox doesn’t seem to receive it

Thank you very much, email: dashan.iz37@gmail.com

I have emailed it to you

Ok, thanks a lot, I found it in spam, do you have the at manual and driver for the rm520n-gl module, and the command to modify imei, can you share it with me again? I will be very grateful

The driver has been sent to you, the AT manual is not found