RM520N-GL AT Commands

Hello, im looking for AT manual for this modem.
Thank you

Can you leave your email, I will send you through the email,thx

Can you give me a copy? Thank you very much, email: dashan.iz37@gmail.com


I did not get an email yet.

i didn’t receive either

Good afternoon!
Please send the manual and AT commands for the RM520N-GL modem.
We are in Ukraine, we ask you to help us in the fight.
E-mail: vaz7vaz7@gmail.com

i would like to receive too.



Can you give me another firmware for the rm520n-gl? ???Urgently needed, thank you very much, email:

I am still waiting for this manual. Is is possible to get it?

i would like to receive too RM520N-GL AT Commands

Hi Bryan
Would you please send me the latest firmware and at command for rm520n-gl, thanks a lot. email: ntbowen2001@gmail.com

Could you please send the lastest RM520N-GL AT CMD manual document to me?

Hi @Bryan.Tan-Q,

can you send me RM520N-GL AT commands manual? darkaster@gmail.com


Hi, I would also like to request the newest version of the RM520N-GL AT-Commands manual to test the newest features:



Hi, I would like as well the newest version of the RM520N-GL AT commands. My mail: nerea.fernandez@gmail.com

Thank you

Can I get this as well?

@Bryan.Tan-Q can I get the latest AT Commands documentation?

@herbert.pan-Q can you help with this request as well?

I have sent it to you

Hi, can you send it to me aswell?