RM520N-GL AT Command Manual

I am looking for the AT manual for this modem.

Would one of you Quectel folks mind uploading it, please?

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Please leave your email, I will send you the document

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Hello, could you share the AT command manual of this modem with us? Thank you

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I have not received it yet… hopefully soon. It would be nice if it could be shared here on the forum rather than emailed.


Can you give me a copy? Thank you very much, email: dashan.iz37@gmail.com

Can you please send the document to my email address as well; c.vrontos@bristol.ac.uk

Thank you in advance.


Hi, you send it to me too: bero@locomarine.com

Hi, please send the command manual for this module to my email address: vedant.girish.dalvi@ipa.fraunhofer.de

Can you please send the document to my email address as well - pilz@cerris.at

Thank you in advance.


Can you send to me as well the AT command manual of this modem? I have a suncomm o2 5g cpe unit… My email address is joncenriquez@outlook.ph… Thanks in advance.

I’ll take one as well! Yoyo7089@gmail.com! Thanks so much

Could I also get a copy please ? kelevra88@hotmail.com, Thank you

Could someone please send me a copy to the email above ?

I like to get a copy as well thank you whongthai999@gmail.com
if anyone has received a copy can it be put on a sharedrive somewhere. Thank you

Hi @Bryan.Tan-Q , could we possibly get a manual for the at commands , please ?

Hello @Bryan.Tan-Q
please also share this manual with me at wiktor.guz@trapezegroup.pl