RM520N-GL applies NAT to Linux host


I have the need to make the host connected to the RM520N-GL modem accesible from outside, this is, have the IP address assigned by the 5G Core up in the host (bridged).

The modem is connected though USB-C to a Linux host. I’ve tried to enable IPPT_NAT without NAT. I have the following IP in the modem side assigned from the 5GC:

But in the host, the IP after executing a DHCP client to get a IP in the interface from the modem, I got a NATed IP.

Paste here too the MPDN rules applied in the modem:

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Dear @iikercosta
Did you want to test QMAP ?
Sorry, I didn’t undertand your questions.Please give more information.

Nevermind, I’ve already resolved my issue using MBIM.