RM520N-GL Antenna Bug

Some weird stuff is going on with my RM520. When i use the antennas that came with the WG1608 Router, internet works fine, however when i start using the outdoor antennas, i don’t get any internet.

Did try other router firmware and upgraded module firmware still same bug is happening.

SO i just reverted back to using my EM160R-GL which doesn’t give me any outdoor antenna problems.

DO you know what could be causing the problem?

Dear @Roddel_Fernando
Did you confirm you connect the right interface of antenna? The different antenna interface of module has different configuration, you need to check the hardware document.

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yes i did, antenna 0 and 3 are pairs, while 1, 2 are pairs. before it was working now i get connected for a few seconds then disconnects after 10s. is it broken?

this is the case. at first it has internet, then after a few minutes it is gone, but qmi shows it is still connected.

i tried using stock antennas from zbt but still same problem.

What router firmware are you using?
Try installing a stable ROOter version, if possible. The modem or the router are not the problem.

Look for your router model here:

Im using latest OpenWrt firmware. I know rooter is just a derivative of openwrt.

from my resent observation. i found out that the issue is with the sim card. if i replace the sim card, internet works with RM520. however if i use the same sim card on another module like em160r-gl, em12-g, ep06 it works.

thus i am confused why the sim doesnt work on the rm520 and works on others.
is my sim getting blocked on the rm520?

Hi @Roddel_Fernando
Did you configure SA only? Did your SIM card support 5G network?

No i set it to auto. My area is lte only.

it shows that i am connected to lte bands but no internet.
sim card is fine with other module. maybe sim is blocked by rm520
i tried rooter firmware the same happens with openwrt

so my doubt is the IMEI of the module is getting blocked with the sim installed.

Sounds like a possibility, here in the USA its unlawful to modify the IMEI. I have read that its common on other groups and sites. You might want to try that.