RM520N - Cell Tower Lock

I’m having issue with QNWLock on RM520N-GL (RM520NGLAAR03A02M4GA). After locking, I’m not able to get back online. Once I reset, it is back online and locked, but it is unstable and disconnects at times. See below when I lock. When I unlock and reset, it’s back to normal function, but no locking. I also tried other towers, same issue.

+QSCAN: “NR5G”,310,260,394090,326,-106,-14,12,0,14D81302B,4FDF00,52,25,18,6,-
+QSCAN: “NR5G”,311,490,394090,326,-106,-14,12,0,14D81302B,4FDF00,52,25,18,6,-

Dear @whosvince
The RSRP of cell is -106, it is not good.
This command does not support locking 5G cells of NSA. And it is not recommended for commercial use.