RM520N - 2x2 MIMO mode?


I wanted to ask if it is possible to use the RM520N in 2x2 MIMO instead of 4x4 MIMO?
I know the EM160R (4G) has an AT-command to do that:

2x2 MIMO (M + D/G output)


4x4 MIMO :


But what about the RM520N ?
I can’t see such command in the AT-Command pdf manual.

Is it a problem if I only use the main antenna pair (ANT0 + ANT3) and let the other (ANT1 + ANT2) disconnected without the modem knowing that (well it will see that there is no signal)?

Thank you

Dear @Tantalum
Sorry, RM520N didn’t have this command.
Actually, antennas their corresponding frequency, you can refer to the hardware document. It depends on your network environment, but you can try.
I had sent the hardware document to you via Message, please check.

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