RM520 latest AT command documentation

Can you please send the latest AT command documentation for the RM520N? Corresponding to the production firmware release RM520NGLAAR01A06M4G. The documentation I have (v1.2) seems to be missing various features that I need. E.g., the ability to lock to a specific cell/arfcn.



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Also, it seems I can no longer list or select MBN configurations with AT+QMBNCFG. Have these commands been locked in some way in this FW?

I hope to get the lastest AT CMD document also.



I would also like to request the latest version of the AT-Command Manual:



Same here! Having a difficult time trying to switch between mbim and qmi. Also carrer in as well. Thanks! Yoyo7089@gmail.com

If you get tired of these guys never responding and when they do sending you old/wrong firmware I suggest subscribing to this guys service.