RM520 and RM502 modem quetcel driver


We are using RM520 and RM502 modems. The driver that is binded with this modem is pcie_mhi. we have noticed that the driver is removing the MAC headers and adding few QMAP headers(for all N/W packets) and sending to modem. And for RX, driver is recieving packets without MAC header but with QMAP header.
If this is the functionality how modem is transmitting and recieving packets without MAC header?
Is there any way to disable this without effecting its operation?

Yes. It works as you described.
If the Quectel modem works in RMNET/MBIM mode, it should be NOARP mode.


On the USB BUS, we directly send and receive IP Packet (not Ethernet packet, no MAC header)
So MAC address is not use for wwan0. The MAC address of wwan0 is Random generate when Host Linux boot up.Like ARP(Address Resolution Protocol) protocol do not support by modules,
Because ARP is not IP Packet. In fact, our modules is a point-to-point net card, not a Ethernet card