RM510Q-GL + QSCAN extensions

I’m using a RM510Q-GL and am trying to use the “,1” addition to the QSCAN command as documented in the “RG50xQ&RM5xxQ Series AT Commands Manual” v1.2 of 2021-08-09.

Without a “,” it works but with it gives ERROR.

Firmware = RM510QGLAAR11A03M4G

Could someone point me in the right direction ?

Thanks in advance !

Clarification concerning
Without a “,” it works but with it gives ERROR.
→ should have been:
Without a “,1” it works but with it gives ERROR.

Anyone any ideas ? Is it due to the firmware version or am I missing something (a preceding AT-command to activate a debug/verbose mode) ?

For additional info: the module is running without a SIM.

Thanks in advance for your help !


Request to add support to QSCAN command for NSA Mode scanning.

Hi @ketan.asm , thanks for the reply !

However, I don’t understand the problem/relevance of the NSA-mode (I’m a noob so please bear with me !):

  • The module is running without a SIM so it isn’t connected to any network
  • The command manages to discover at least the 4G and below cells which are the ones that interest us for now, we would just like to have the CellID and power added in the output which should work according to the documentation but doesn’t.

My main question really is that: I want to be able to detect 4G-cells and below around, without a SIM, and including the CellID and the power level.

Thanks for any help you or your colleagues can provide !