RM510q-gl not receiving messages

Hi all,

No clue what´s going on, the point is I´m not able to receive sms on the module but can send. Any idea?


Could you show?

Linux or Windows? Which uart port?
Do you write your own application?

What do these AT commands return:


Windows, I´m using QCOM. At the moment have the URC port configured like this:

[2024-06-11_09:05:08:822]+QURCCFG: “urcport”,“all”




[2024-06-11_09:08:33:988]+CNMI: 2,1,0,0,0



[2024-06-11_09:08:59:327]+CPMS: “ME”,0,127,“ME”,0,127,“SM”,2,20


Just saw have a couple messages

Yes, you’ve got incoming messages going into “SM” storage, but you’re reading messages from “ME” storage.

You can set all three storages to SIM with: AT+CPMS="SM","SM","SM"

@snowgum. Yes did it and worked properly. Thanks for the help!