RM510Q-GL Firmware update

I have RM510Q-GL with Firmware RM510QGLAAR11A04M4G There is any new frimware ?
2.also i try so many time to do factory reset for the RM510Q-GL - Can any one help me with AT code or any isea to do Factory reset .
3. i try so many time to use ethernet drive throught RGMII but i canot get connection with my laptop

[2023-08-25_20:48:58:404]Revision: RM510QGLAAR11A04M4G


[2023-08-25_20:49:30:097]+QETH: “RGMII”,“ENABLE”,1,0
[2023-08-25_20:49:30:097]+QETH: “RGMII”,1,1
[2023-08-25_20:49:30:097]+QETH: “RGMII”,0,2
[2023-08-25_20:49:30:097]+QETH: “RGMII”,0,3
[2023-08-25_20:49:30:097]+QETH: “RGMII”,0,4


[2023-08-25_20:49:37:073]+QETH: “speed”,“0M”


[2023-08-25_20:49:57:558]+QCFG: “usbnet”,2


[2023-08-25_20:50:05:820]+QETH: “eth_at”,“enable”


[2023-08-25_20:50:13:682]+QETH: “an”,“on”







i am actually having a similar issue i was able to set up the module in common mode and later in ip passwtrough but i have no idea what happened or what i did and now its always stuck in not configured although i can enable or disable rgmii :<m i would love if the support team would help me out and send me instructions on how to install a new firmware and give firmware to my email agamerawesome@gmail.com,

[the issue i have]
[2023-08-25 20:32:43:897_R:] OK
[2023-08-25 20:35:09:684_S:] AT+QETH=“rgmii”,“ENABLE”,1,1
[2023-08-25 20:35:09:690_R:] AT+QETH=“rgmii”,“ENABLE”,1,1

[2023-08-25 20:35:22:032_R:] ERROR
[2023-08-25 20:35:23:155_S:] AT+QETH=“rgmii”,“ENABLE”,1,0
[2023-08-25 20:35:23:161_R:] AT+QETH=“rgmii”,“ENABLE”,1,0

[2023-08-25 20:35:36:024_R:] ERROR
[2023-08-25 20:35:38:811_S:] AT+QETH=“rgmii”
[2023-08-25 20:35:38:818_R:] AT+QETH=“rgmii”

[2023-08-25 20:35:38:828_R:] +QETH: “RGMII”,“DISABLE”,0,-1
[2023-08-25 20:35:38:828_R:] +QETH: “RGMII”,0,1
[2023-08-25 20:35:38:828_R:] +QETH: “RGMII”,0,2
[2023-08-25 20:35:38:828_R:] +QETH: “RGMII”,0,3
[2023-08-25 20:35:38:828_R:] +QETH: “RGMII”,0,4

[2023-08-25 20:35:38:828_R:] OK

i do have bought the same developement board you have and the seller gave me these configuration options

4.切换网卡驱动为realtake 8111h

i just do not understand why the 4th one is not AT+QETH=“eth_driver”,“r8125”,1

What seller says is “for RTL8111H chip load r8168 driver”. Check which ethernet chip is installed on your board.

yeah i have the RTL8125 chip, problem is i am no longer able to enable the rgmii with data :< [i have no idea why]