RM502Q - Support for USB 3.1? Or just USB 2.0 supported?

Problem - it looks like RM502Q is operating as USB 2.0 device - not as USB 3.1 device.

We’ve tested RM502Q modules through the USB 3.1 board with several different laptops - HP laptop (Windows) and Macbook Pro (2020 version). Both laptops have USB 3.1 ports.

RM502Q worked correctly both in 4G and 5G networks. But it was discovered as USB 2.0 device - not as USB 3.1 or USB 3.0 device. Again, on both Windows and MacOS laptops.

Download speed was SLOWER than expected for 5G networks - it looks like it’s limited by the USB 2.0 issue … How can we enable USB 3.1 for RM502Q?

The download speed was always less than 350 Mbps in 5G networks, when we tested. At the same time, when we tried 5G smartphone it showed 700-800 Mbps in the same 5G network.

Please advise about RM502Q and the issue about USB 2.0.

Kind Regards,

Check with AT+QUSBCFG="SS", not sure it is supported by this model though.