RM502Q on T-Mobile not connecting to 5G SA

Running this QUECTEL RM502Q-AE in my MikroTik LHGG v7.7 (version RM502QAEAAR11A04M4G of the firmware), my 5G SA fails to connect to T-Mobile

Need advice on settings? Right now I’ve just been turning off 5G and using LTE.

Dear @Castrocomp
Firstly, you need to ask Mikrotik about this issue, we are not familiar with the device from Mikrotik.

MikroTik is just the router, it just passes the signal through.

When using an EM160, EM12 and other MODEMs the performance is steady and stable.

I am getting -98dbm on signal level so I feel that is not a factor unless some known signal strength threshold is the issue…

Dear @Castrocomp
Actually, for different module, Mikrotik will have different solution. As you know, they will do more test and found a good solution for their router.

Wow! nothing worse than hearing go away. Sheesh, what are you people even here for?
It’s an RM502Q problem so how about you give me some ideas related to your product and stop blaming MikroTik?
I have other RM502Q in diffiernet MikroTik routerboards with no issue… lets focus on what you have for options as I am asking here. I am not going to get very far if you treat me like a footbal kicking over to MikroTik just because you think so. If that’s your best then I’ll go back to Telit and Sierra Wireless… their support is slow but at least they try.

Dear @Castrocomp
Actually, for the network issue, we need the QXDM log for analyze. But for Mikrotik device, we didn’t how to capture log. If you can capture log, then we can analyze the log. Without log, it is hard to give any useful suggestion.