RM502Q-AE via PCIe: No interfaces show up after software reboot

Our setup contains a Tofu Board, a Raspberry Pi CM 4 and the RM502Q-AE modem via PCIe.

On initial startup everything works as expected: The interfaces (rmnetXX) show up as expected and we get an IP address (As shown in screenshot 2).

When we do a software reboot of the raspberry pi, suddenly the quectel-CM (Version 1.6.2) returns an error, as you can see in the screenshot 1.

The Device is detected correctly and the /dev/ttyUSBx interfaces are there and working as desired as well.

Can anyone help?

Screenshot 1 : After a software reboot, we get the following error:

Screenshot 2 : On initial startup (After disconnecting and reconnecting the power cable) everything works as expected:

We work with the RM502Q-AE, Raspberry Pi CM 4 and a Tofu Board.

Dear @philippd
software reboot means MCU will be reboot,right?