RM502Q-AE slow 5G NR speed on T-Mobile

Seeing slow speeds on a RM502Q-AE on T-Mobile using LTE NR 4G. Currently using ECM, tried QMI and MBIM but no difference.

Bands in use (sometimes B66 comes in at 20MHz as well):

B2 (Bandwidth 20 MHz Down | 20 MHz Up)
n41 (Bandwidth 60 MHz)

… sometimes B66 added at 20 MHz

Signal is great I believe

CSQ : 28   
Signal Strength : 90%   
RSSI : -57 dBm   ECIO3G/RSRQ4G/SS_RSRQ5G : -10 dB -11 dB   
RSCP3G/RSRP4G/SS_RSRP5G : -95 dBm (RxD -94 dBm) -99 dBm (RxD -97 dBm)   
SINR : 12 dB dB 14 dB

However I’m only getting ~80-150Mbps, whereas other devices on the same exact bands like an iPhone get 500-600Mbps.

Any ideas?

What is the RM502Q-AE plugged into? Is that device unable to pass data at a higher speed?

On a ZBT WG1608 with USB3 M.2 and confirmed able to handle well over 300Mbps.

Well, can close this thread. The WG1608 is not able to handle the traffic even with hardware offloading. I have tested in a separate USB sled and am getting 500Mbps+