[RM502Q-AE] - R11A05M4G and R13A01M4G firmware for NR CA feature

Hello, I recently got the RM502Q-AE, and started using it on a daily basis as my main modem in my house

However, I found on forums that my version RM502QAEAAR11A04M4G_01.400 is not the latest, there is R11A05M4G that fixes many bugs such as the cell lock problems or R13A01, which adds NR CA feature, which is very useful for me being something that I can take advantage of where I live

I need you share the latest firmware for this module, please forward it in my mailbox: whyred1@protonmail.com if you have problems attaching it down below

R13A01 is not yet available for the RM502Q-AE, or better R13A01 is a version for RG502Q-EA
which have the new qualcomm binary, which adds 5G CA, but it just adds 2CA 5G, so seems you can do max 4CA 4G and 2CA 5G, idk about standalone, like you should be able to get 2 5G bands, i think.
Anyway as of now, it is not ready for the RM502Q-AE version.
But who knows, we still never heard of such a versions, quectel FAE might give you better info.

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Will there be an announcement when this update is available?