Rm502q-ae production, eng sample, firmware

Hello. I have two RM502Q-AE modems. One is an engineering sample. The second one is the production model.
My engineering sample version seems to preform flawlessly. I am having significant difficulties with the production model. For example, it will not accept AT+QMBNCFG=“Deactivate”. I get “error”. There are several other commands that also work on the sample, but not the production. I have both upgraded to firmware version RM502QAEAAR11A02M4G_01.003.01.003.

I’ve read that the production model has certain problems and works better with an older firmware…I can’t find the link to that article. Can you please shed some light on the production model firmware? Is there a way to check if it’s defective?
Is there a firmware version that would work better on the production unit?
Thank you.

Dear Shrek,
Could you send the pictures of your two modules(engineering sample and production model you mean).
I used RM502QAEAA-M20-SGASA with RM502QAEAAR11A02M4G_01.003.01.003 to test, the AT+QMBNCFG=“Deactivate” works normally. Here are the at logs.





+qmbncfg: “List”,0,1,1,“ROW_Commercial”,0x0A010809,202101151
+qmbncfg: “List”,1,0,0,“FirstNet”,0x0A015300,202101151
+qmbncfg: “List”,2,0,0,“5G-ATT”,0x0A015700,202101151
+qmbncfg: “List”,3,0,0,“ROW_Generic_3GPP_PTCRB_GCF”,0x0A01FB09,202102071
+qmbncfg: “List”,4,0,0,“Rogers_Canada”,0x0A014800,202101151
+qmbncfg: “List”,5,0,0,“Bell_Canada”,0x0A014700,202101151
+qmbncfg: “List”,6,0,0,“Telus_DataOnly”,0x0A014900,202101151
+qmbncfg: “List”,7,0,0,“Commercial-Sprint”,0x0A010204,202101151
+qmbncfg: “List”,8,0,0,“Commercial-TMO”,0x0A01050F,202101151
+qmbncfg: “List”,9,0,0,“VoLTE-ATT”,0x0A010335,202101151
+qmbncfg: “List”,10,0,0,“CDMAless-Verizon”,0x0A010126,202101151
+qmbncfg: “List”,11,0,0,“Telia_Sweden”,0x0A012400,202101151
+qmbncfg: “List”,12,0,0,“TIM_Italy_Commercial”,0x0A012B00,202101151
+qmbncfg: “List”,13,0,0,“France-Commercial-Orange”,0x0A010B21,202101151
+qmbncfg: “List”,14,0,0,“Commercial-DT-VOLTE”,0x0A011F1F,202101151
+qmbncfg: “List”,15,0,0,“Germany-VoLTE-Vodafone”,0x0A010449,202101151
+qmbncfg: “List”,16,0,0,“UK-VoLTE-Vodafone”,0x0A010426,202101151
+qmbncfg: “List”,17,0,0,“Commercial-EE”,0x0A01220B,202101151
+qmbncfg: “List”,18,0,0,“Optus_Australia_Commercial”,0x0A014400,202101151
+qmbncfg: “List”,19,0,0,“Telstra_Australia_Commercial”,0x0A010F00,202101151
+qmbncfg: “List”,20,0,0,“Commercial-LGU”,0x0A012608,202101151
+qmbncfg: “List”,21,0,0,“Commercial-KT”,0x0A01280B,202101151
+qmbncfg: “List”,22,0,0,“Commercial-SKT”,0x0A01270A,202101151
+qmbncfg: “List”,23,0,0,“Commercial-Reliance”,0x0A011B0C,202101151
+qmbncfg: “List”,24,0,0,“Commercial-SBM”,0x0A011C0B,202101151
+qmbncfg: “List”,25,0,0,“Commercial-KDDI”,0x0A010709,202101151
+qmbncfg: “List”,26,0,0,“Commercial-DCM”,0x0A010D0D,202101151
+qmbncfg: “List”,27,0,0,“VoLTE-CU”,0x0A011561,202101151
+qmbncfg: “List”,28,0,0,“VoLTE_OPNMKT_CT”,0x0A0113E0,202101151
+qmbncfg: “List”,29,0,0,“Volte_OpenMkt-Commercial-CMCC”,0x0A012010,202101151






The one marked “Engineering Sample?” was the first RM502Q I purchased about 3 months ago. The one marked “Production Model?” is the one I received 2 weeks ago. I’ve blanked out the serial number and IMEI on both pictures.

They look the same, except for different numbers. I refer to the first as an Engineering Sample because that was how it was described to me when I purchased.

It works fine…no problems.

I have the Engineering Sample RM502Q installed in a WG1608V4, working great.

I installed the Production Model RM502Q in a WG1608V2 initially. It wouldn’t work properly. I removed it from the v2 and installed it in a working WG1608V4 to see if that would be helpful. It still will not work properly.

I have noticed that the modem will not “see” the SIM card. The sim card is valid and works in my tablet, as well as in another WG1608 router. There is no problem with the SIM or the SIM tray.

Everything seems to point to this modem being defective (or the firmware is defective, corrupt). I don’t have a lot of experience with these, but I have assembled 5 routers with RM502Q-AE, EM160GL, EM7565, and EM12G modems… this is the very first I have assembled where the modem seems to not “communicate” with the router.

For troubleshooting, I removed the Production RM502Q from the 1608 and installed it in a “USB SLED”, and plugged into my Windows Laptop. I was able to connect to the modem and issue some AT commands, but, the same commands that gave “error” in the 1608, also gave “error” when installed in the USB SLED. This points me to either corrupt firmware or defective modem?? Or, I am open to trying any suggestions you may have. As I stated, I am not well experienced with these devices…but I do have a background in engineering.

Thank you in advance for your assistance,

Some AT commands with results:

+QMBNCFG: “list”
+QMBNCFG: “Select”,
+QMBNCFG: “Deactivate”
+QMBNCFG: “AutoSel”,(0,1)
+QMBNCFG: “Delete”,
+QMBNCFG: “Add”,



+QMBNCFG: “List”,0,1,1,“ROW_Generic_3GPP_PTCRB_GCF”,0x0A01FB09,202102071
+QMBNCFG: “List”,1,0,0,“ROW_Commercial”,0x0A010809,202101151
+QMBNCFG: “List”,2,0,0,“CDMAless-Verizon”,0x0A010126,202101151
+QMBNCFG: “List”,3,0,0,“Volte_OpenMkt-Commercial-CMCC”,0x0A012010,202101151
+QMBNCFG: “List”,4,0,0,“FirstNet”,0x0A015300,202101151
+QMBNCFG: “List”,5,0,0,“5G-ATT”,0x0A015700,202101151
+QMBNCFG: “List”,6,0,0,“Rogers_Canada”,0x0A014800,202101151
+QMBNCFG: “List”,7,0,0,“Bell_Canada”,0x0A014700,202101151
+QMBNCFG: “List”,8,0,0,“Telus_DataOnly”,0x0A014900,202101151
+QMBNCFG: “List”,9,0,0,“Commercial-Sprint”,0x0A010204,202101151
+QMBNCFG: “List”,10,0,0,“Commercial-TMO”,0x0A01050F,202101151
+QMBNCFG: “List”,11,0,0,“VoLTE-ATT”,0x0A010335,202101151
+QMBNCFG: “List”,12,0,0,“Telia_Sweden”,0x0A012400,202101151
+QMBNCFG: “List”,13,0,0,“TIM_Italy_Commercial”,0x0A012B00,202101151
+QMBNCFG: “List”,14,0,0,“France-Commercial-Orange”,0x0A010B21,202101151
+QMBNCFG: “List”,15,0,0,“Commercial-DT-VOLTE”,0x0A011F1F,202101151
+QMBNCFG: “List”,16,0,0,“Germany-VoLTE-Vodafone”,0x0A010449,202101151
+QMBNCFG: “List”,17,0,0,“UK-VoLTE-Vodafone”,0x0A010426,202101151
+QMBNCFG: “List”,18,0,0,“Commercial-EE”,0x0A01220B,202101151
+QMBNCFG: “List”,19,0,0,“Optus_Australia_Commercial”,0x0A014400,202101151
+QMBNCFG: “List”,20,0,0,“Telstra_Australia_Commercial”,0x0A010F00,202101151
+QMBNCFG: “List”,21,0,0,“Commercial-LGU”,0x0A012608,202101151
+QMBNCFG: “List”,22,0,0,“Commercial-KT”,0x0A01280B,202101151
+QMBNCFG: “List”,23,0,0,“Commercial-SKT”,0x0A01270A,202101151
+QMBNCFG: “List”,24,0,0,“Commercial-Reliance”,0x0A011B0C,202101151
+QMBNCFG: “List”,25,0,0,“Commercial-SBM”,0x0A011C0B,202101151
+QMBNCFG: “List”,26,0,0,“Commercial-KDDI”,0x0A010709,202101151
+QMBNCFG: “List”,27,0,0,“Commercial-DCM”,0x0A010D0D,202101151
+QMBNCFG: “List”,28,0,0,“VoLTE-CU”,0x0A011561,202101151
+QMBNCFG: “List”,29,0,0,“VoLTE_OPNMKT_CT”,0x0A0113E0,202101151





This is what the modem shows upon bootup.

The lack of SIM info would make one think that it is SIM related, but I have tried the SIM in another router and my tablet…and the SIM works fine. Also, as I mentioned previously, this modem has been installed in 3 routers, all of which show this same information…lack of SIM info. This indicates to me that the firmware is corrupt?? or the modem bus is not communicating properly with the router, though I am speculating on both hypotheses.

Dear Shrek,
Thanks for your detailed information.
Are the two module you tested the same firmware version RM502QAEAAR11A02M4G_01.003.01.003?
Could you send AT+CPIN? /AT+QSIMDET?/AT+QUIMSLOT? to check the sim card related status.
If you confirm the simcard is ok, your pcb board is ok, and other modules are ok, but only the one can not detect the simcard, please return the module to your distributor or sales.
By the way, in order to better support you, please answer below questions, thanks in advance.

  • Company name and your located area:

  • Project name (so we can refer to it in the future):

  • Application type:

  • Estimated Annual Units (for series production):

  • Project timeline:

  • Current status:

  • From which distributor do you buy Quectel modules & EVB kits?

  • Do you have EVB kit for this application?

Afternoon Peter. Thank you for your time and response. As it turns out, I received an older firmware (RM502QAEAAR11A02M4G_01.002.01.002) from one of your colleagues this afternoon. I immediately flashed the firmware onto the modem and viola, the modem is now functional. I am using it right now to access the internet! It works perfect!

I indicated previously that I read a post by someone who experienced a similar situation with his RM502Q and the firmware version RM502QAEAAR11A02M4G_01.003.01.003. This is why I was seeking the older version to try… as it turned out that was the problem after all.

I hope you have a nice rest of your day, and again, I really appreciate your time and assistance with helping me. If there is anything you would like me to share with you to document what the problem with the firmware might be, please let me know.

Any chance you vould share the older firmware .002? I’m on .003and I’m getting the same issue with no sim detected.

Dear Tomas,
Here you are, thanks!