RM502Q-AE: Please explain the respone from the new AT Commands

The current version of AT Commands manual (Quectel_RG50xQRM5xxQ_Series_AT_Commands_Manual_V1.2) does not provide new/updated commands description. For example, the below ones are not documented there (nor anywhere else). I find it difficult to understand the responses by heart.


AT+QNWCFG=“nr5g_tx_pwr” might return the <?>, PUCCH,PRACH,SRS,PUSCH TX power levels.

Hi,The latest document has not been released yet, I will send the part you need to your mailbox

Hi, is the info availible in any documentation by now? Or could you also send me these details?


DO you have latest Quectel_RG50xQRM5xxQ_Series_AT_Commands_Manual.
We are having the RM500Q-GL, RM502Q-AE and RM530N-GL.

RM500Q-GL is only working in usb mode and getting 192.168.x.x IP instead of public IP.
We need some help.

RM502Q-AE : 5gnr connected but getting IP always. We need to get public IP.
From the AT manual I played with all the AT commands, once it got the public IP but because I used minicom to send AT commands, I lost the sequence of the AT commands that made it work.
Can you please help us.

RM530N-GL: This same behavior as R502Q-AE. We get IP. We need public to use in our product.
Please give us the AT commands that make it to get LTE/5G public IP from T-Mobile or any other provider.

Dear @momentumjg
I have sent the latest one to you via Message, hope it is helpful.

can i please get the manual too?

Could I please get the latest manual, too?

Dear @Shane_Young
You can download the document in the website below.

Dear @MDTUDo
You can download the document in the website below.

Dear @silvia,

thank you for the link.
I have one question regarding the tx_power value.
In the manual it says that the value is “in 1/10 dBm”.
Does that mean, that a tx_power value of -40 actually corresponds to a transmit power of -4 dBm?

Dear @MDTUDo
Yes, divide 10.