Rm502q-ae Nr-ca on r13 firmware

Hi i just uptaded my rm502q-ae to the latest firmware : RM502QAEAAR13A02M4G_01.001.01.001 , that should enable nrca , in the changelog i saw that it says that nrca is not enabled , extracting the combo using qxdm i saw that the combo i am interested in is here , but then i tryied and i cant get it to work , is nrca still not working for the 502q-ae ? Thanks

Same thing here… Please fix with a newer firmware!
The combos are there, why did you disable them?

Well, it’s ok to ask this, but you had to show also the RG release note of the same firmware.

The real question is, why RG does have it all, meanwhile RM, despite should be the same modem, don’t?