RM502Q-AE no GPS fix

Hi, few days ago I received the RM502Q-AE modem, after trying different ways of getting the GPS fix and checking the other topics in the forum didn’t find any helpful answer.
+QGPS: 1

Revision: RM502QAEAAR13A03M4G


(It’s been hours since the modem is plugged)
Next day update:
Got fixures during 5 min yesterday but not anymore.

I’m using a passive antenna. It’s placed outdoors and pointing to sky with clear view

Also there’s any firmware update that solved issues with the GPS?


Dear @oriol
I have sent the latest firmware to you via Message.
Did the GNSS antenna connect correctly?
Is it possible to share your GNSS configuration and nmea log?

I am getting the same problem. I cannot seem to get link. The antenna that I want to use has out of band rejection in the 600 to 1530MHz and then more from 1650 - 3000MHz. Is there a way to set the device to only use certain frequencies for GPS/GNSS?