RM502Q-AE is not supported by Verizon?

We have RM502Q-AE module, which works fine with T-Mobile network in the US (California).

But it doesn’t work with Verizon at all.

And when we try BYOD device activation using IMEI and SIM card number on the website of Verizon, then it says: “this device is not supported”.

Does it mean that RM502Q-AE is not allowed in Verizon networks?? When do you plan to receive the certification for Verizon networks - any dates?

Thanks in advance.

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Dear Sir,
Here is the certification process of RM502Q-AE for Verizon.Thanks!

Is there any update on Verizon support? When I use a Verizon SIM, the AT+QENG=“servingcell” command returns “SEARCH”. I’m using FW Version RM502QAEAAR11A04M4G_01.002.01.002

AT&T and T-Mobile SIMs work fine.

Dear Sir,
Is your Verizon SIM available? Does it work in other devices? please also check AT+CGATT?/AT+COPS?/AT+QNWPREFCFG=“mode_pref”.Thanks!

Verizon SIM was still installed in the modem. I connected the modem to a different router and the connection is working now.

I’m glad it is working now for reasons unknown but is there an update on formal approval from Verizon and with which firmware?

+QENG: “servingcell”,“NOCONN”,“LTE”,“FDD”,311,480,4F78F20,26,2125,4,4,4,1904,-96,-14,-63,11,9,200,-


+COPS: 0,2,“311480”,7

+QNWPREFCFG: “mode_pref”,LTE

not yet, if finished the Verizon certification, we will let you know, thanks!

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Any update here? Your press release says yes… but Verizon still tells me no.

Here is the temporary approval.Thanks!

For your knowledge - Verizon tells me no.

I have this part number on my device AA RM502QAEAA-M20-SGASA
SN: MPQ21KK08000113
IMEI: 867826050380112

They have opened a ticket for me to see if it is a systems error.

Thank you for your support.

RM502q with A04 firmware not working on Verizon in my area either… any updates?


I was able to get in touch with someone at Verizon and they tell me Quectel hasn’t enterned the IMEI in the “Open developer portal.” The approval letter is only one step entering the ImEI in teh portal is required before your customers can put this on the Verzon network. Can you have this completed please?

As a reminder my IMEI is 867826050380112

Did anyone get this resolved? I also bought an RM502Q-AE and Verizon is ADAMANT that it is not approved by them and will not activate on their network.
Quectel has sent me copies of letters and advertising materials that claim approval, but Verizon still says NO…

Thanks, Mark

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has this been answered? on the verizon website RM502Q-AE is on the list of approved modules. Can someone chime in and confirm that it is indeed compatible? I am looking to get this module connected to Verizon’s mobile hotspot plan.

answered my own question. it worked but you have to disable 5GNR SA mode.

you can do this by going into AT and running AT+QNWPREFCFG=“nr5g_disable_mode”,1

this will disable SA mode but keep NSA mode enabled. run AT+CFUN=1,1 and you should be on Verizon’s network.

Running AT+QCAINFO shows that I’m on 5GNR Band 5 where I am currently located (residential area).