RM502Q-AE Firmware update failed

Dear Forum

I have got the lastest version of firmware for RM502Q-AE which is RM502QAEAAR13A02M4G_01.001.01.001.
Now it is using RM502QAEAAR11A02M4G.
I tried to update using QFlash but it failed.
The FW Files i have chosen is firehose and port used is Quectel USB DM port.
After i click start, it changed to Quectel QDLoader 9008, and displayed this message.
May i know what is the problem?

Dear @Qinfan
Did you try several times? Or you can use Quectel QDLoader 9008 to upgrade.

Hi, if you’re still having Firehose fail issue, may I ask if are you using the latest QFlash? I had the exact issue recently and unless the latest version is used it failed Firehose update with the time-out issue! The PC using QFlash must be connected online to determine if the latest version is being used, hence I see youre not connected!

Leave the Baud rate at 9600, also make sure the upgrade folder files are in the same folder as the Qflash folder are in.