RM502Q-AE Firmware, Dec 30, 2022

I see several past requests for the latest firmware, but the links are now dead
It is presently the end of 2022. What is the latest firmware for the RM502Q-AE?
Where can I download?

Also, I’ve inserted several different SIM cards, some work, some say SIM MISSING
Obviously it’s not a hardware issue. Do I need different firmware to use the module as a hotspot instead of as a phone?

hi,Can you tell me which version you are currently using?

I think it’s RM502QAEAAR11A04M4G_01.006.01.006 (can’t double check, it’s offline).
I was told that this is that latest on the R11 branch that can be rolled back

There is also RM502QAEAAR11A04M4G_03.200.03.200
But once installed, it cannot be rolled back

My tech suggested NOT crossing branches, eg not to install
RM502QAEAAR13A02M4G_01.001.01.001 going from R11 to R13
I didn’t get an explanation, but my device has been fine (until just this week) on the R11 branch.

To Quectel staff, it would be wonderful to have detailed explanations as to branch differences.
Why one, and not another.

Installing firmware on a Quectel seems to be a bit of a guessing game.