RM500U-CNAB - Windows 10 drivers, and AT access?

a) Hi, I have a RM500U-CNAB but can’t find W10 drivers? Can anyone give me a link please?

b) Also, is there an AT command manual, and also what’s the AT command port please?


It has about 5 serial interfaces, so it’s not that hard to test them all :wink:
AT command port is Interface 4, most likely in Linux it will be /dev/ttyUSB2.

Thanks, it’s ok. I didn’t have the right driver. I found the RM500U-CN driver and have the AT port and all the other working now…

However, an AT command reference would be useful The one I have is for RM500Q modules…

EDIT - I am connected to EE (UK) using this module in one of the AliExpress M2 to Ethernet/USB adaptors. Interestingly, you can use both the USB and Ethernet ports at the same time!

Cheers, thanks…

I don’t think there is an English version of the AT command manual for this model.
As far as I understand, the simultaneous operation of USB and Ethernet depends on the mode used, like network card, router/bridge, etc.

OK, do you have link to the Chinese manual and I can try Google Translate please?