RM500U-CN - Switch back from PCIe EP mode to PCIe RC mode without PCIe access (only USB)? Factory reset?

Dear Quectel team,

during testing a RM500U-CN module in a prototype board I accidentally switched it into PCIe EP mode (AT+QCFG=“pcie/mode”,0). How can I switch it back to PCIe RP mode without being able to connect it to a PCIe bus directly? My development board does not support this.

Is there a way to factory reset it without having software access to it?

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Dear @vaenner.net
Did you try to configure AT+QCFG=“pcie/mode”,1 and try again?

Thanks for your reply!

I do not get any ttyUSB* devices anymore. My evaluation board does not connect the modules PCIe lanes (only USB and Ethernet; sadly also no UART).

Could you please provide me the Quectel_Linux&Android_SPRD_PCIE_Driver? I will order an PCIe Connection board for testing. Many thanks!

Dear @vaenner.net
Did you install the USB driver on your side?
The latest PCIe driver is Quectel_Linux_PCIE_MHI_Driver_V1.3.6 , I will sent it to you via Message, please check.

Thanks! I downloaded the PCIe driver.

The USB driver is built into the kernel (Debian 6.1.52-1). I was able to connect to the ttyUSB2 device before I accidentally switched to PCIe mode. Now the modem is not found any more by this built in driver.

Or do I miss something?

Dear @vaenner.net
Actually, AT+QCFG=“pcie/mode”,0 is USB mode. You can try to install USB driver again.

Could you please send me the the most recent USB driver? Thanks!

Also, could please send me the latest firmware for a RM500U-CN and the Quectel_RGx00U&RM500U_Series_AT_Commands_Manual?

I only received this AT commands PDF: “Quectel_RG50xQ&RM5xxQ_Series_AT_Commands_Manual_V1.1.1_Preliminary_20201009”

Again, many thanks!

Dear silvia
Could you please send me the latest Quectel_Linux_PCIE_MHI_Driver?

Dear @lodyly

Please contact with your provider firstly next time, they have access to get the driver.
Thanks for your understanding.

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