RM500QGL High Data Throughput Application


I have an application that have bursts of data of about 8KBytes in 700Byte chunks.
The receiver is expecting hexadecimal byte stream, so I’m using AT+QISENDEX (instead of AT+QISEND) which delivers the data in the required format, but the size is limited to 512Bytes per command.

Is there a way to increase the system throughput to allow it to send more at a time ?

The modem is connected via USB to a linux SoC and the data transmission is happening over a UDP session.


Dear @a.fahmy
Sorry for this, due to the limitation of AT command, the maximum is 512Bytes.

Thanks for the prompt response, is there any workaround/alternative to handle this kind of data flow?
Would setting the modem up as a network interface instead of ttyUSB2 help ?


Dear @a.fahmy
Sorry for this, there is the limitation of AT command, currently, there is only AT command, no other interface. Is it possible to reduce the size of chunk?