RM500QAE 5gSA OAI network attach- PLMN lock

Dear all,

I am trying to attach RM500QAE with the OAI 5g SA network in n78 band. But the gnb doesnt receive any RACH messages. Please let me know if there is a plmn lock for this module. I am using 23201, 20895,20899 for the attach.
Thank you in advance for your response!


You can try AT+COPS=<>;To Lock the PLMN

Thank you for the reply.
When I tried at+cops :
+COPS: (0,“208 99”,“208 99”,“20899”,12),(0-4),(0-2)

–“0” indicating unknow operator. But I want to attach to this private operator.

– indicating the sim is in the same plmn, and the sim parameters are registered in the core. But got no idea why I get :
+CME ERROR: 30 — No network service


– Automatic registration gives a sim failure.

–In the gnb, I dont even see any RACH messages. Is there a plmn that I can try, which is free of lock.

Thank you in advance.!


Can a common SIM card of public network be used or registered with the network?

No. This is a 5g SA Network test setup done in our lab facility. The core and the 5gRAN are software emulated.

Can THE 5G SA network simulation instrument in the laboratory be configured with PLMN? We generally use blank card for laboratory tests

Yes. We use programmable sim and the network side can also be configured accordingly as the core and gnb are software emulated.

At present, I am also confused. How can I help you?

There are a few things that you can help me with.
want to know if the rm500qae has some plmn lock in Austria/europe?
also does it support all frequency ranges in n78 band?
since i can see the operator, but no rach is generated, do i have to make any additional settings for 5G SA to run in TDD mode?

RM500QAE supports PLMN locking and N78; I suggest you try using a public radio network in your area