RM500Q NR5G band and cell information

I am developing RM500Q support for the ROOter project. I need to be able to extract and show NR band information, eg n71.

The command AT+QENG=“servingcell” command does not include this for NR5G cells.

Likewise I need TAC and cell ID information for NR5G cells. The 3GPP command AT+C5GREG=2;+C5GREG?;+C5GREG=0 returns “ERROR”.

I do have access to RG50xQ&RM5xxQ_Series_AT_Commands_Manual_V1.0.

Are there alternative commands?

Dear Sir,
Yes, currently Qualcomm don’t have provide interface to requiry NR band and refquency, maybe it will support in the near future.thanks,

Check on the Whirlpool forum, some guys have figured out how to pull NR info. :wink:

But, I am the Quectel support programmer for the ROOter project on whirlpool. I’m sure I haven’t missed anything.

I must have been thinking about the Simcom commands, maybe try those in case they work on a Quectel.

Dear All,
we can already support this feature to obtain NR band and ARFCN by using AT+QENG=“servingcell”.


Thank you.The and fields for NR5G-NSA must be recent additions.

Could I please ask you for some example NR5G-NSA output? This would help me with coding.

Hello,please refer to below pictureimage
Could you tell your company name and your mail address, we will ask local FAE to send more detailed documents to you. Thanks!

That’s what I need to know: band given without the leading “n”, and ARFCN in decimal.
I am no longer associated with a company. I am a retired programmer working on open source projects.

Great support. Thanks again.

I’ve added logic to support those values. In doing that I see I’m still missing a <DL_bandwidth> value for “NR5G-NSA”.

It would be great if that could be included too (at a later date maybe).

yes, we also already support to require <NR_DL_bandwidth> in SA mode

. but it do not support to require in NSA mode, because Qualcomm don’t provide the interface.

Thank you. I have a follow-up question.

Will carrier aggregation for NR5G be shown in the AT+QCAINFO results? Or using a different command?

Again, an example showing details would be appreciated if available.

yes, you can use AT+QCAINFO to query test with latest CS2 sample.

Thank you. I have plenty of LTE examples with CA active, eg:

+QCAINFO: “scc”,2435,25,“LTE BAND 5”,2,41,-88,-16,-55,-2

The range there is 6 to 100, decoding to 1.4 to 20 MHz.

What is the range and decode for NR5G please?

And what is the NR5G wording instead of “LTE BAND”? Is it the same for NR5G-SA and NR5G-NSA?

RM500Q don’t support NR5G CA, thanks!