RM500Q-GL PCIe RGMII Interface Slower than QMI

We’ve successfully got a RM500Q-GL (firmware RM500QGLABR11A05M4G_01.001.01.001) talking to a Realtek RTL8111 (8168) Gigabit Ethernet controller via PCIe. However the speed we’re seeing (~48Mbps down max) is far lower than the speed we see via USBnet/QMI (~500+ Mbps). Is this expected? Are we missing some configuration option(s)?

Here are the AT commands I issued to set this up:

RGMII enabled, in COMMON mode using default CDGCONT profile

PCIe for Network, USB for Diagnostics

RC PCIe mode:

Driver selection:

AT commands enabled via Ethernet (used for debugging):

CGDCONT profile configured as appropriate. Everything else defaults.

After a module reboot, the Ethernet link comes up at 1000M (great!) and our DHCP client gets an IP address (, but as I mentioned, we see a fraction of the speed we would expect (40Mbps). In exactly the same position, connecting a USB cable and establishing a link via QMI (after switching data_interface over of course) we see the 5G NSA speeds we’d expect (500Mbps).

Would be great to hear some insights from Quectel into this. Thanks!

Still keen to hear any comments Quectel may have on this. There is very little information/few examples about using RGMII out there.

quectel say RTL8111(8186) haven’t Hardware Acceleration,
quectel recommend use RTL8125 as PCIE to LAN chip

I have same issue , i switch to r8125 driver but speed limited by 40Mpbs


Could we got some support here ? maybe firmware upgrade solve this ?

Problem solved after upgrading to RM500QGLABR13A01M4G


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