RM500Q-GL PCIe efuse


The Hardware Design Guide mentions the following:

“RM500Q-GL can also be reprogrammed to PCIe mode based on eFuse. If the communication is switched
to PCIe mode by burnt eFuse, the communication cannot be switched back to USB mode”

I am only able to make PCIe work on certain x86 systems, on other x86 systems it is not detected. If I burn the eFuse will it then be possible to reach the PCIe detection target? How do I burn the efuse?


Dear Kieran,
If your situation is x86 windows with pcie interface as communication port, please select and buy the PCIE only module from our local sales directly. Thanks!

Hi Peter,

Yes it is x86 running Linux.
Is it possible to buy the pcie efuse version in retail channels?

Or in evaluation quantities? I am based in the UK.


Thanks for your details, as discussed via mail, our sales will contact you later, thanks!

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