RM500Q-GL Firmware

Hello. We have an engineering sample of the RM500Q-GL modem. Where can we get the latest firmware?

Also, can we have confirmation regarding support for 5G standalone? For 5G NSA it works, but we are having difficulties connecting to a 5G SA network.

Dear Sir,
the latest firmware based on CS samples is RM500QGL 11A01M4G, you may find the firmware from local FAE. if you don’t know, please tell us your company name and your company position, we will arrange for you. in addition, as our sample statement said, ES samples cannot upgrade CS’s firmware,please kindly know it, thanks!

Dear Peter,

We don’t have CS. Can you let us know which is the latest version for ES? Also, can you send it to us? I’m project manager at OneSource, Portugal.

Finally, has the ES been tested with 5G SA?

Dear Sir,
we suggest use CS samples instead of ES samples. also due to Qualcomm chip limit, ES samples don’t support SA function and can’t upgrade to latest firmware. hopefully you can understand, thanks!

can get firmware for RM500Q-gl the current firmware i have is RM500QGLABR10A03M4G