RM500Q-GL Firmware update failure

Hello Quectel Support,

I recently flashed my RM500Q-GL with the new firmware version RM500QGLABR01A01M4G_01.001.01.001 via QFLASH. Upon powering the card back on I only detect a QDL port. I am able to get an at port for about 3-5 seconds after powerup. I ran the ATI command and confirmed the new firmware image but it just powers down quickly and I am unable to see the device again. I used USB drivers v2.1 on a WIndows 10 machine. How would I solve this issue?


You can try the latest USB driver v2.2.2 see if issue can be recovered.
Just for reference, powersupply insufficient would caue this issue.

Hello there,

I have this same issue with the same related product, but after updating the usb drivers you linked the problem still persists.

Do you have any other solution?

Thanks in advance,
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