RM500Q-GL can't connect to 5G-SA network


I have a RM500Q-GL, and it can’t connect to 5G-SA network. Both of Win10 and Ubuntu18.
May I ask two questions:

The first one:
AT+COPS has found the base station, and it can be connected from the message, but when I use COPS to specify the connection, it returns an error +CME ERROR: 22, as shown in Figure 1, I want to connect to BS “20899”.

The second:
I checked with AT+CPOL? and found that its field in NR_5G is 0, as shown in Figure 2, so I want to change it to 1, but it returns +CME ERROR: 3 Not allowed, as shown in Figure 3, what should I do? Well, is it because it can’t connect to 5G-SA?:

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Is your SIM compatible with NR5G? Some providers require a SIM upgrade to access 5G.

Does the plan you are on allow NR5G access?

Hi snowgum,

I use open-cells 5G SIM, I think it can access 5G.
And I burn SIM with this:UICC/SIM programing – 4G and 5G reference software
Maybe I miss something?