RM500Q-GL Antenna Ports

I wonder if anyone could provide an updated document describing the roles of the antenna connectors on the RM500Q-GL?

The only document I have seen for the RG500 (https://forums.quectel.com/uploads/short-url/gZbwan0OT4teshliYw6xhFmI1yh.pdf) enumerates eight ports; while the RM500Q-GL only has four. Some of the documentation released early on for the RM500Q seem to depict it having more ports too.

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Pls find here after link to Quectel 5G documents: https://cnquectel-my.sharepoint.com/:f:/g/personal/nicolas_lemoine_quectel_com/Egt3ZfUKqLBCl5E5Pez1OY4BQCag7zBo_0JbGGW-D1qJAA?e=mUZiAj

In document “Quectel_RM500Q-GL_Hardware_Design_V1.0”, see §5 for antenna configuration.

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Thanks Nicolas - that’s perfect.

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Nicolas, looks like the link you have provided for the “Quectel_RM500Q-GL_Hardware_Design_V1.0” doclument is broken, showing this error “This link has been deleted. Sorry, access to this document has been removed. Please contact the person who shared it with you.”
Please provide new working link.

on the main product page you can login and then request the file access for Quectel_RM500Q-GL_Hardware_Design_V1.1
so it seems this document is not meant to be easily / openly available :frowning:

Here you areQuectel_RM500Q-GL_Hardware_Design_V1.1.pdf (1.5 MB)


Hello dear, Peter.

I’m still confused for which is the first pair of Main and Diversity antenna ports for the RM500Q-GL module. I’m using two 2x2 Mimo antenas. I currently have one connected to ANT0 for Main, and ANT3 for Diversity is this correct? Thank you

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We recommend to connect all four antennas, at least three antennas including ANT0, ANT1 and ANT2. Thanks!

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Thank you for your answer, does the order of the antennas make a difference? Thank you.

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Yes, and basically we suggest to keep all four antennas connected.

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