RM500Q-GL 5G Subscription identifier privacy support - ME SUCI calculation

Revision: RM500QGLABR11A04M4G

I am trying to learn if the RM500Q-GL supports a particular aspect of 5G subscription identifier privacy.

Subscription identifier privacy support is requested when Service 124 on the USIM is declared available. Then, if another service, Service 125 is not declared available on the USIM the “SUCI calculation is to be performed by the ME”.

  • Will the RM500Q-GL as ME do the SUCI calculation if used with a SIM with Service 124 available and Service 125 not available?
  • Can the RM500Q-GL do the SUCI calculation for Profile A and Profile B protection schemes (and the null-scheme)?

Dear @TWE
Sorry for the late. I will check internally and give feedback later.


Any resolution on this topic? I’m also interested on understanding whether the Protection Scheme (null, A/B) could be configurable from device side.