RM500Q-AE with 2x2 MIMO

Hi all,
Can we operate RM500Q-AE with “only” 2x2 MIMO in 5G mode. E.g. with one XPOL-2-5G Poynting antenna?
Thanks for your feedback.

Dear Sir,
We don’t have commands to set the module only 2X2 MIMO. If you want to test it, you might only connect two related antennas with the module.Thanks!

Dear Peter,

Thanks for your answer.

What do you mean with “two related antennas”?

My question is: can we operate RM500Q with ONE 2x2 mimo antenna?


I’ve just removed two antennas from the RM500Q-AE I’m using now, and it’s working fine.

I’m running on ANT1 and ANT2 only. I have no antenna on ANT0 or ANT3.

The choice of which antenna ports to use affects the choice of bands.