RM500Q-AE / RM502Q-AE Regulatroy Certification

According to above mentioned modules brochure they are approved to be used worldwide with several carrier agreements and regulatory certifications, however i can´t find them anywhere.
Where can i find the approvals such as FCC / CE / NOM and carrier certifications such as : AT&T / Verizon / T-Mobile / Telstra for this modules???.
Need these documents for further manufacturing and declaration with local autorities.
Any link to download these documents will be highly approciated, otherwise we need to change to another brand 5G/LTE module which are able to offer these certificates.
PM or download link will be appreciated.

I have sent them to your email,pls check

Dear Herbert,

Couldn´t see them in my inbox, would you please be so kind to send them again or via a link in this topic where i can download them pls.
Your help is highly appreciated.

Sorry, please provide a valid email address, thank you

Please send your approval certificates to the following email:
info(at)amts.mx (change (at) for @ .

In case Quectel does have NOM certificate for Mexico please let me know and send me those approvals as well, in case Quectel does not have NOM certification we would like to collaborate to obtain this certificate for Mexican approval.

I have sent it to you again. If you still haven’t received it, please contact sales to get it