RM500Q-AE firmware update

Can I have RM500QAEAAR13A01M4G firmware, because I’m having disconnection issues on some isp’s but when I’m using other module I don’t disconnect, I’m only getting disconnected because my RM500Q-AE is outdated, can someone provide download link for this ? Thanks

Dear @Tristan
Please share your current firmware via AT+QGMR.
RM500QAEAAR13A03M4G_01.201.01.201 is the latest one.

Revision: RM500QAEAAR11A02M4G

Hello this is my version

Dear @Tristan
Actually, your current firmware is too old, I am not sure if it can be upgraded to R13 baseline.
I had shared a firmware to you which is R11 baseline, you can try firstly.

I tried upgrading my module to RM500QAEAAR13A03M4G_01.201.01.201
When I put a sim card on it the module just keeps rebooting and not responding, but it doesn’t reboot when it doesn’t have a simcard. can I downgrade then upgrade again? And can you give me 2 firmwares so that I can upgrade

Dear @Tristan
Please query your current firmware via AT+QGMR.

It doesn’t bootup now

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Dear @Tristan
It means it can’t work now.
Is it possible to upgrade firmware?