RM500Q-AE AT commands for 5G SA


I have a Quectel RM500Q-AE with Firmware RM500QAEAAR11A02M4G.
I am working in a private campus network with 5G NSA and SA at the same basestation.
So I have to force 5G SA, because only 5G SA should be used.
I will do it with AT commands.

Please send me the correct AT command documentation for that module and firmware.
Please tell us which commands I have to enter to get a 5G SA connection at the Nvidia Jetson Nano with Ubuntu 18.04.


Dear @VoLTE
If you just want to disable NSA, please try this AT command AT+QNWPREFCFG=“nr5g_disable_mode”,2
I also have sent the document to you via Message, please check.